Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What We're Digging 8.23.16


reading // The Resilient Farm and Homestead by Ben Falk. This one has been tough sledding. It reads more like a textbook than other books I've read on farming, but the author has a thorough knowledge of farming and homesteading. It is a good resource book for anyone interested in permaculture.

drinking // water.

craving // Fried okra. Our okra was planted late, but now we are picking a bunch every day.

wearing // KUHL button down shirt and jeans. My sister-in-law gave me this KHUL button down for Christmas, and it's one of my favorite shirts. It is lightweight which keeps me cool working outside, but is nice enough for the office.


reading // Anna Karenina. I started it, oh, about fifteen years ago, but I'm finally caught up to the part were I quit last time. So that makes it a new record, I guess.

listening // Milk Carton Kids Monterey - apparently I have a thing for discovering music on NPR; I first heard the Milk Carton Kids there on Ask Me Another. There is something so deliciously autumn about them to me, and I find myself gravitating to them as the weather turns cooler. Which, thank goodness, it finally is!

eating // soaked wheat berries. My friend gave me 45 lbs of wheat berries and I've been soaking them over night then eating them with yogurt and jam for breakfast. Really filling.

drinking // Counter Culture Slow Motion decaf coffee. Due to migraines, I try to limit my caffeine intake and Counter Culture Slow Motion is the best decaf I've found. It can be a little pricey, but Fresh Market had it for $9.99/12 oz and we stocked up.

wearing // I bought a denim skirt at Tractor Supply Company this weekend while we were there for hog feed. I am now buying clothes at Tractor Supply. Who am I??

craving // Red Thai bubble tea. My favorite tea shop in the world shut down this spring (RIP Tealoha). And while the jury is still out on their replacement, Chasing Rabbits Tea Co does make a tasty red Thai bubble tea.

currently // I moved the seven ducks out of the "nursery" (ie. back half of the coop) this weekend. They had most of their feathers in and I couldn't take the mess any more. Ducks and water really do belong outside. On grass. Not on coop sub-flooring. They still won't go up into the coop on their own at night, so I have to pick each one up and walk them up the ramp and into the door. It's totally worth it, though, to not have to worry about their water mess damaging the floor of the coop. Guineas are still inside and will be for a while.

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  1. I also love shopping at Tractor supply Elizabeth. They have lots of neat things!!


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