Thursday, August 18, 2016

Farmhouse Bedroom

Yesterday my sister sent me a link to this farmhouse bedroom.

"That is SO you," she wrote.

And really, with a few exceptions (like way better lighting), it actually had a lot in common with my bedroom AKA the guest room.

Browns, whites, cream, and some gray - check
Wood ceiling - check
Warm, textural rug - check
Mirror - check
Glass lamp - check

I even already had a faux sheepskin pillow!

I loved how the picture she sent had all the blankets layered at the end. And even though, I would never make time to make a bed with that many blankets, I did root around in my linen closet until I found everything I needed to put together a simpler version of the inspiration picture.

I was pleased with how just turning down the top comforter and adding a quilt at the end added more dimension and softness to the whole arrangement. And that basket at the end not only adds texture, it gives me a space to keep my blankets that were previously folded up on the sewing machine bench.

So there you have it - our farmhouse bedroom. And the only time in our lives we've ever been on trend.

Our duvet is from Pottery Barn. They don't sell that pattern anymore, but it looks like all duvets are 40% off today!

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