Sunday, August 14, 2016

Family Pictures

Sunday night our neighbors invited us over for dinner.

"We can't," I said. "We're having family pictures taken tonight. We haven't had any taken since our wedding."

"Neither have we," he said. "And we've been married longer."

Honestly, it is hard to find a reason to get family pictures when it's just the two of you and you don't change very much (Matt is still wearing t-shirts from high school!). But we have so few pictures of the two of us, and my friend Rachel was willing to come out to the farm for a photo shoot.

In the end, taking pictures in August might have been a mistake. It was like taking pictures in a sauna. And I insisted on sweaters because they "span three seasons." Rachel got bit by ants. Her husband Jake had to chase down our chicken. And it starting pouring rain in the middle of the shoot.

Thankfully Rachel really is a fantastic photographer and still managed to get great shots.

Some were not so much great as epic:

Did I mention that they also have the cutest baby?

For dinner we had Italian beef sandwiches. Rachel is a vegetarian so we made her a sandwich of sauteed zucchini and onions, pickled jalapeno and melted Provolone. It looked so good I wished I had more zucchini to make one for myself!

I made cherry pie, but forgot about baby bed times, and didn't make it soon enough for us to eat before they had to leave. No worries, though, because I did get some slices to Rachel a couple days later. She had earned them!

And it's probably a good thing we got some new ones. We really have changed a little.

circa 2007


  1. Such great photos--you two for sure on Hidden Acres. (And Elizabeth--who thinks about sweaters spanning 3 seasons!). I'm excited about the direction of your return, E. Collins Writer.


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