Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What Wood You Do?

Guest room progress is steady if slow.  I'm coming to terms with there being random furniture stuck in random places throughout the house. Some I've tried to camouflage.  Such as the dresser that is pretending to be a buffet.

At least now I know I definitely want a buffet in the front room.  I forget how much space I have in there sometimes.

I'm still completely unsure of what to do with all the natural and stained wood in our house.  Matt loves the natural wood look.  Since this is our "forever home," he wants us to decide on a wood tone that we love and stick with that.  Even if it means replacing some of the existing doors, door jambs, trim, and floor moldings.

Just typing that out makes me tired.

It's hard for me to separate the amount of work required to accomplish replacing the wood from the decision of what tone I like best.  But I think he's right that we have to decide and commit and not let the amount of work determine our decision (even if I can't help that it influences it).

I've been looking at pictures on Houzz for some pictures of appealing wood trim.  It's interesting how just the color of the wood completely changes the feel of the room.

1. Here is a beautiful farmhouse kitchen in the natural wood tones Matt loves so much.

2. The stain in this room is pretty close to the existing doors and jambs stained in our house.  It looks Craftsman, which is not our style (nor our house's style).  But maybe that's what the previous owners were going for?

3. This stained wood is far more rustic looking than the cherry stain.

4. And here is a darker stain with the wall paneling.  Usually this look leans toward Victorian, but I like the simple lines of this room.

5. Here the color of the paneling is closer to the red tones we already have.  Also, I want that chair. And those shades.

6. This design tones down the wood with a white door.  I love too how the hall table is a contrasting stain.  And while the vase is a similar color to the trim, it is an interesting texture.

7. And because I can't completely rule it out, here is some painted paneling. I love simplicity of this foyer.  Even though the wall paneling is painted, there is enough natural wood to keep the rustic feel.

8. This room with a brick floor like ours mixes the darker stain and white painted paneling.

Aaaagh.  The more I look at it, the more I love that painted paneling.  MATT!

Help a girl out.  What look do you like best?


  1. I like the painted paneling as well. Most men LOVE natural wood...I guess that is just a male thing! Even if it is ugly wood, they do not want it painted.

  2. I like the painted paneling too (as in the last picture.) You could still leave some of the natural wood as in trims, ceiling, etc. but painting or pickling the large expanses would simplify your task.

  3. Painted paneling with the trim and base left stained is the way to go. You will be much happier in the long run and your house will look "happier" and brighter. If the floors were lighter I don't think it would be such a problem but you have a lot of the same brown tones going on which I think it why it's overwhelming.

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