Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coffee Cups, Blankets and Books

Happy first day of fall!

Here in SC the season is marked by bright blue skies and significantly less humidity.  It's still in the upper 70's to low 80's, but it's a marked improvement from the high 90's that define our summer.  We've are squeezing as many outdoor projects as possible into these mild weekends and evenings.  Most significantly painting the chicken coop.

It gets a little tricky with helpers like these:

Pictures of the coop to follow as soon as it's completed.

In general, I'm not organized enough to decorate seasonally. I keep one box of decorating stuff.  But I did shift some things around the house to usher in the season.

Since I don't have a mantle in this house (I miss it!), I decorated my tea cart instead.

You're looking at three of my favorite things: coffee mugs, books, and blankets.

The copper colored coffee cups are from Starbucks.  I had been picking them up and admiring them ever since they appeared on the shelves of 'Bucks last spring.  Then Sunday Matt and I took a break from painting to take advantage of the buy-one-get-one-free promotional Starbucks was running.  There were my mugs on clearance marked down 60%!  I couldn't help snatching up two.

Not only are they that striking metallic color, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.  I love the little detail of the wave in the side.

I picked out some blue and brown cookbooks to stack next to the mugs.  The robin eggs blue and brown pair well with the copper tone.  Then I stacked some leaf colored blankets on the bottom.

My mom made the orange quilt for Matt and me.  She's sewn one for every one of her children's weddings because she's amazing like that.  Usually I keep it on the end of our bed, but I love how it looks displayed on the tea cart too.  I added a white knit blanket from Pottery Barn.

Since I had robbed the end of our bed for blankets, I moved our faux fur blanket from the guest room to our bedroom.  We have a serious weakness for Pottery Barn blankets.

Just a few more fall things around here:

A bowl full of apples on the dining room table

Fake apples in the beehive drink dispenser

A turkey perched on the window sill

He had a raw spot on his back, so I brought him in to spray with Blue Kote.  While left unattended, he did what turkeys do, and flew to a perch.  He counts as seasonally appropriate decor.  Too bad he had to go back outside as soon as his back was sprayed.  And don't worry, I disinfected all the kitchen surfaces.

I hope you all are enjoying the clearer skies and the hints of change in the air.

How about you?  Does your house change with the seasons?


  1. Ah, wish I had a turkey! But no, I'm an abysmal seasonal decorator so I think I will just come visit you and have coffee in those delicious mugs

  2. Sometimes, to decorate my dorm room for fall, I tape colorful leaves on my desk or wall. It is very elaborate.


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