Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little House in the Deep South

We looked for over a year and a half, but nothing we looked at even came close to having all of the specific characteristics we wanted.

2. Flat pasture
3. One story
4. Wide door-ways
5. NO open floor plan.
6. Laurens County
7. Reasonable distance from work,

The houses with wide-doorways had small kitchens and open floor plans.  And the houses with acreage were hilly and mostly wooded.  Looking back, I should have know that any house we found that matched all these parameters would be unique and require work.

But then Matt and our realtor George found this house on fifteen acres.  Fifteen flat acres.  It fit all of our requirements and it was in our price-range.  As you know, we made an offer and finally moved our lives here.

It is, of course, a work in progress.  But for now, here is a photo tour of the house that has been the cause of so much consternation and excitement in our lives.

View of the front room looking in from the living room:

The kitchen is directly across from the front door:

To the left of that is a closet, the guest bath, utility room, and the stairs leading up to the loft:

Looking up at the loft and into the living room:

Another view of the loft with doorway between the front room and living room closed:

That glass paneled door leads to a bedroom that we are currently using to house lizards and spiders.  No tours of that!

Going through the pocket doors, here is the living room:

The master bedroom is off the living room:

So there is the first floor our farmhouse.  Pictures of the outside and loft to follow!


  1. Thanks for the virtual tour. Hopefully we can see it in person in June!!

  2. Super cute! I love the rustic style!

  3. What a cool house!

  4. Liz, It's very lovely and await the unfolding of your dream and vision. I ran into Scott Case and he told me about the donkey who have on "order." Ha! All the best. ~ Eileen

  5. Love it! Congrats on the house :) May it soon be filled with the sounds of friends and family gatherings and smells of cooking and baking (esp. with some Haitian vanilla!) :) Have fun settling in!

  6. Amazing house! Love all of the character and the bucolic views, especially from the living room. Thanks for the tour. Congratulations!


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