Friday, June 29, 2012


It is 102 degrees here today. The heat opresses me. I shrivel up like a dried-out starfish and stare up into the fan wondering when it will all end. It is too hot for anything. Too hot to swim, too hot to walk, too hot to move. Unless it is from the couch to the refrigerator to stick in my head. Matt on the other hand is like some kind of dessert lizard.  He flits from activity to activity with his eyes always darting around in search of yet another activity.
The only thing making it worth for me it is tomatoes. Our tomatoes are compensating for being late by coming in strong, big, and bright red. I eat them with toast, I eat them with eggs, I eat them with slivers of cheese - and more than anything I eat them with garlic and olive oil and basil - on pasta, on more toast, or with a spoon. My days are defined by tomatoes and waiting for September to burst forth cool and clear.

I e-mailed the above to my best friend this morning.  She's in Michigan where it is probably shady and a normal temperature- i.e. one that is not dangerous to humans.  I'm so lazy that I'm just going to recycle it and share it will all of you too.  But, come on - it is 102 degrees!

I am going to cheat further by using the rest of this post to direct you towards some of my favorite things on the internet right now.  Jennifer calls these "lazy, cheat posts."  Fine.  I'm lazy and cheating.  But these things are really cute and inspiring.  So find some air conditioning, iced coffee, and wi-fi and check them out!

"Look like your dog" contest. 
It is no secret that I love pugs.  I wouldn't want that to be a secret, because then people wouldn't send me links to incredibly cute pug things (cute pug - redundant, no?). 
Like these pictures of babies in crochet pug hats.
Or these other knit hats for pugs.  Especially these with pom-poms.  I think I need a matching set for me and Henry!
I can't stop thinking about the account from Marcia Moston told here; and continued here.  In her article Lessons From a Rule Breaker Marcia stresses the importance of influencing even just one reader.  The truth of that is evident in her tracing her book back to the hands of a courageous wife.
I've also pretty much memorized this list of story rules from Pixar.  Wonderful for all of us with artistic endeavours (which - should be everyone!).
And these words from Anne Lamott have given me the motivation I need to really do the things that are important to me.  Don't worry - I'm not going to stop cleaning my house or anything.
Thank you for your indulgence! I won't be cheating again any time soon.

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