Saturday, April 7, 2012

Good Friday

Cream cheese and meringue.  The perfect pair.
I was all set to write a post about my dislike for ketchup.  But I didn't.  \

Here are 10 things I did instead.

1. Went to Whole Foods.

2. Cleaned with over-priced cleaning products.  I really don't like cleaning with supplies that smell like chemicals.  I live in a fantasy world where I imagine my house being cleaned by unicorns waving branches of lavender over the surfaces.  So when I saw bluebell scented cleaner at Whole Foods, I grabbed it.

3.  Opened the windows. 

4. Put lemons in a vase.

5. Spent some time with a pug.

6.  Thoroughly dusted all of our wood furniture.  Matt and I had just watched The Six Wives of Henry VIII when we went to buy bedroom furniture.  We thought this bed looked regal.  I don't think they must have dusted much during the times of Henry VIII.  At least I'm sure Henry VIII didn't dust much.

7. Boiled eggs.

8. Made this cheesecake and hulled strawberries.

9. Chopped tomatoes, basil, and garlic to make this yummy pasta for dinner.  What's that? It's too early for this kind of pasta?  I'm sorry; my stomach can't hear you.

10.  Took pictures of my great-great-grandfather's prayer book.
Happy Easter, friends! Christ is risen indeed.


  1. Henry VIII prolly needed eight wives just to keep up with the dusting...

    1. I was all set to reply, "It was six wives, not eight," when I looked back and saw that I had written that the movie called The Eight Wives of Henry VIII. The unicorns cleaning my house probably produced that movie!

  2. What a lovely vase of lemons...so glad you had a nice piece like that to decorate with=) I completely agree about the cleaning products--it's the one thing I refuse to cheap out on. I don't want my house smelling like cleaning product so that it makes it obvious to guests that I have just cleaned because they were coming over. It might be true, but I like to imagine my house is that clean all of the time...

    1. The truth is, that vase has been sitting on my counter since you set it there. Rather than find a place to put it away, I went out and bought lemons to put in it. The citrus lends some legitemacy to it STILL not being put away.

  3. Oh, my house is actually cleaned by unicorns waving branches of lavender over the surfaces. Well, lavender and sunflowers.It's not as pleasant as you think it might be. I often find that they don't know what to do with themselves in such confined spaces, and I often end up with holes in the wall or in the furniture. One would think after so many years they'd know how to manage their horns. If I'm having company over, usually I ask the faeries to come help out because I find they often add a little sparkle...


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