Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Back!

If anyone is still reading this, I appreciate you sticking with me in spite of my Sabbatical. Hawaii was lovely. It is my intention to write about it before those little nuances begin to slip from my memory, but I believe that the tone of our Hawaiian trip will always be with me. I have had some remarkable vacations in my life, but this trip resonated with me in a particular way. I can't help but think that all the little ways we planned ahead and saved for it made it more significant . Because, of course, all those little things made us grow closer to each other and better able to communicate. Those virtues make any experience shared by a husband and wife sweeter. So soon I will be sharing the highlights of our trip, and in the meantime I will be expounding on Christmas, and why I've been silent in this online medium.

Last night Matt and I exchanged gifts. For anyone who thinks we were premature, I assure you: this is the longest we have ever waited to do this. And we didn't even start hinting and giving clues until last Saturday. It was not from lack of enthusiasm, so I proudly ascribe it to our increase in patience. And if that wasn't evidence enough that we are adults, yesterday I called and ordered a ham. I won't be cooking Christmas dinner, but I am certainly contributing in a grown-up manner!

Matt gave me some precious gifts. It's exciting to see our gift giving show evidence of our growing to know each other better. His gifts always speak of love and generosity; this year they sang of understanding as well. I was more confident in buying for him as well, and seemed satisfied with the results.

I've been busy recently writing on my novel. Every day I am less self-conscience muttering that phrase "writing my novel." It is important to take myself seriously as a writer. After all, I've been published on this blog fifteen times!! Although I have been directing my energies towards the Novel, I miss the sincerity and interaction of blogging. So I'm back. With intentions of documenting my growth in my relationships and writing (and my lack of growth in physcial stature and general rotundness).

Thank you for reading. Merry Christmas!

P.S. The picture was taken at the Greenville County Register of Deeds office. That little snowman has been with the county longer than any of us. He makes me smile, so I included him in my picture.

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